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Small & Gutsy

Small & Gutsy offers our listeners the opportunity to learn about the smaller, less known nonprofits and social impact organizations with revenues under $10 M. Our aim is to tell their story and further build their client, potential employee, volunteer and funding networks. Focusing on this BIG, LITTLE Sector is our way of giving back to communities by bringing their stories to life and celebrating them. The goal for the Small & Gutsy podcast is to raise the visibility of this Big little social impact sector.  Tune in every week as we interview a different organization so you can learn about them, maybe find a job, volunteer, or donate.

May 10, 2021

Behold, a new type of group emerges to try to reduce the stigma of mental health, not a 12-step or a therapy group or a coalition, but an anime club with a passion and commitment to community, connection, and support. Anime characters have their own difficult journeys, but somehow most always make it through successfully, providing the foundation for club members to share their own challenging experiences and seek support when needed.