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Small & Gutsy

Small & Gutsy offers our listeners the opportunity to learn about the smaller, less known nonprofits and social impact organizations with revenues under $10 M. Our aim is to tell their story and further build their client, potential employee, volunteer and funding networks. Focusing on this BIG, LITTLE Sector is our way of giving back to communities by bringing their stories to life and celebrating them. The goal for the Small & Gutsy podcast is to raise the visibility of this Big little social impact sector.  Tune in every week as we interview a different organization so you can learn about them, maybe find a job, volunteer, or donate.

Aug 15, 2023

What matters to you? It’s a different question than what makes you happy, according to our guest today whom I will introduce in a moment. Happiness stems from what really matters to the individual and many of us have lost our collective understanding of what matters means. But, it’s not too late - there’s hope for our youth and there’s hope for the rest of us!

Finding out what matters to each of us is a very personal journey. To be seen, heard and valued so that each of us becomes a valued member of society and can give back is the essence of understanding what matters and in turn, guides us in seeing others and encouraging the concept of mattering for them. 

Each of us has a uniqueness that once we intrinsically honor that, we are able to then actualize that and share our uniqueness in a positive way to others. However, when that is never offered or taken away through making us feel invisible, that we don’t matter, we make choices that can hurt us and society. 

The Mattering Movement created and spearheaded by an incredible dynamic foursome, one of whom we will meet shortly is my guest today Jennifer B. Wallace, Chief Mattering Officer - love the title, is an award-winning journalist and author of the new book Never Enough: When Achievement Pressure Becomes Toxic – and What We Can Do About It.  She is a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and appears on national television to discuss her articles and relevant topics in the news. She is a graduate from Harvard College, and began her journalism career at  CBS “60 Minutes,” where she was part of a team that won The Robert F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Journalism. She is a Journalism Fellow at the The Center for Parent and Teen Communication at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Jennifer serves on the board of the Coalition for the Homeless in New York City, where she she currently resides.

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